On-Demand Web Seminar  Servicing in the digital mortgage era

Hosted by National Mortgage News

Digital mortgages are great for the first 30 days of a borrower relationship, but what about the potentially 30 years that come after that? In this on-demand webinar, we explain how companies are embracing the digital mortgage approach in servicing with new advances in payments technology, record keeping and automation.

We explore the biggest challenges of creating a more user-friendly experience for borrowers, and what kind of ROI services can expect from these investments. We also examine whether there's a place for the digital mortgage approach in loss mitigation and default servicing.

Bill Lehman
Mortgage Strategy Practice
CC Pace
Donna Schmidt
Managing Director and Owner
DLS Servicing Consultants
Debbie Hoffman
Founder and CEO
Symmetry Blockchain Advisors
Bonnie Sinnock
Capital Markets Editor
National Mortgage News

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