On-Demand Web Seminar  Beyond the Hype: Emerging Technology and Intelligent Automation
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Hosted by National Mortgage News

Mortgage and home equity lending has many lengthy and interdependent processes that are often disconnected digitally. Despite improvements in the digital collection of data and documents, the pressure to automate has increased due to intensive competition for new loans, growing desire by consumers for a better end-to-end lending process, and persistently high processing costs.

Emerging technologies are now available to address these pain points in the lending process. Lenders that have been implementing these new technologies are experiencing higher pull-through rates from loan application to closing, compressed processing timelines relative to the market average, improved customer satisfaction throughout origination and servicing, and reduce compliance risk and delays.

This webinar:

  • Sets context by highlighting industry market drivers and pain points that drive business and technology strategy
  • Depicts how lenders can integrate new technology into their operations, processes and client interactions to create an end-to-end digital lending process.
  • Focuses on intelligent automation of digital document capture, and coordinating document processing with digital loan data processing in core lending systems.
  • Presents case study details of how leading mortgage lenders have implemented emerging technologies for intelligent automation across their lending processes.
Craig Focardi
Senior Analyst
David Parker
Director, Product Strategy
Mike Perkowski
Contributing Editor
American Banker

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